Tuesday, December 20, 2011

FAQs about the Call for Entries

In this tumultuous time of finals, crazed shoppers, end-of-the-year frenzy, schizophrenic weather, and, of course, the Call for Entries for Cambridge Science Festival 2012, we at the Festival office get a lot of questions, some of which I will answer en masse here today.

Q: I am John Doe and have a great idea for a CSF event, but am not affiliated with a University, company, etc.  Can I still put in an event entry?
A: Absolutely! We love to see all the different ideas out there for the Festival.  Keep in mind - whether or not your entry will be chosen depends on where your event lands on the awesomeometer.

Q: It is after December 6th, are you still taking Entries for CSF?
A: Yes!  But pretty please, get them in as soon as possible!  (For the sake of our sanity, we'll put our foot down for a hard stop in January.)

Q: I am part of XxxxxX Group and want to be part of the Festival, but don't know what to do!
A: Technically not a question, but we've still got an answer (or several):
  • Do a fun booth activity at the Science Carnival (past examples: liquid nitrogen ice cream, lego DNA, robotics demonstrations).  Also, the Carnival this year is a Circus!  Can you do something in the circus theme?
  • Create an engaging event highlighting science and technology (one such off-the-wall idea: a Science Crawl).  
  • Many organizations are already doing cool events for the community, we'd love to highlight them at the Festival!
  • There's still time to be highlighted as a Cambridge Science Festival Sponsor for 2012!  Check it out.
  • Contact us, and we can chat.

Q: I am ____@___.uk and have this great idea for the Festival...
A: ...Pretty sure you're looking for the Cambridge UK Science Festival... but we'd love to have you!

Q: Who are you, and what exactly do you do? [People are generally more polite than that though.]
A: Keep tuned in!  We'll have Festival staff profiles going up on the blog into the New Year!

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