Monday, April 16, 2012

Pre-register for Festival Events!

Hope you've enjoyed this taste of summer today!  

We're now a mere 3 days away now from the kickoff to the Cambridge Science Festival.  I want to remind everyone to please take a look and pre-register for the events you'd like to attend over the next couple weeks!

Here is my current list of the CSF events you need to pre-register for:

For students and teachers:

Scratch Workshop for Educators
| Pre-register - waitlist only
6th Grade Solar Adventure
| Pre-register
Center for Ultracold Atoms Kids Day
| Pre-register
Central Squared (C2) Challenge
| Pre-register
Taleblazer Location-Based Augmented Reality Game
| Registration closed - FILLED
Vertex Community Lab
| Pre-register

For graduate students/early career:

Standing Up for Science Media Workshop

Careers in Science: Speed Networking Event
| Pre-register
Career Invigoration: Best Practices for Writing a Resume

Career Invigoration: Interviewing for Your Next Technical Job

6th Annual Vertex Networking and Industry Session

Mentor-Mentee Partnerships: How seasoned and early career researchers work together to ensure the continuity of science
| Pre-register


Science of Eating Local
| Pre-register - waitlist only
Rivers of Ice: What's Your Question?
| Pre-register
Trebuchet Design Challenge
| Pre-register
Multiple Sclerosis: Moving Towards a Cure
| Pre-register
Draper Prize Lecture 2012
| Pre-register
Akamai Open House
| Pre-register
Fishing for Sustainability in New England
| Pre-register for Panels | Pre-register for MOS Forum
Syrup, Seeds, and Bees: Exploring Links in Maple Ecology
| Pre-register
Growing Science: How out-of-school time programs can help change the face of the STEM workforce
| Pre-register
Group Intelligence | Pre-register
Swissnex Boston Science Café feat. The Giant Cell & HMS Prof. David Sinclair  | Pre-register
Boston Mega Awesome Fellowship Event
| Pre-register
Biology Flash Mob
| Pre-register

For all MIT Museum
go to:
This includes pre-registration for:
Workshop: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Slide Rules
Workshop: Math and Origami (but mostly origami)
Workshop: Knots for Novices
Science of Illusion
Science for Sinners
Workshops: Splash @ CSF
Workshops: Do It Yourself Game Design
Workshop: Paper-Based Electronic Art

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