Sunday, May 6, 2012

Urban Astronomy: Bringing the Stars to the Street

A night of celebration of the heavens! :)

[(8:00pm - 11:00pm; Friday, April 20, 2012); Cambridge City Hall, 795 Massachusetts Avenue, Deguglielmo Plaza, Harvard Square in front of 5 Brattle Street]

I managed to get a glimpse of Venus [appeared a bright crescent], Mars [a bright spot with a reddish fringe], Saturn [with a ring, I shrieked; unable to hide my excitement], The Mizar quadruple star system [actually did not get lucky, saw the brighter binary system; one bright, other dim] and a satellite that zipped through the field-of-view.. Wow! with all the abundant city lights, we still managed to see these celestial objects!

It was fun to interact with the curious attendees, knowledgeable members who set up the telescopes by the sidewalk, sharing insights into the precise construction of the telescopes and the various flavors of telescopes.

My sincere thanks to enthusiastic organizers of the event.

Please find the entire bunch of event pics I clicked here

Event website:

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