Thursday, September 20, 2012

We want your events... festival style.

Hey there.  It's that time of year again!

We're trying to put out our Call for Entries as far and wide as possible!  Please help us.  Want to be involved in the festival?  Shoot us a note on our website or submit your event proposal.  Know someone who should be involved this year?  Send this along to them.

We're looking for everything from lectures, workshops, exhibits, performances, tours, and debates to ideas we've never imagined.  We're also doing something new this year!  Each day of the festival has a different overarching theme.  Not to say that ideas or events that don't fit in a day's theme won't be considered, but it will allow us to have signature events for each theme on a day of the festival.

Our Themes:
April 12 - Big Ideas for Busy People
April 13 - Science Carnival
April 14 - Arts and Sciences
April 15 - No theme yet - Ideas anyone?
April 16 - Science Communications
April 17 - Science of Sports
April 18 - Technology & Innovation
April 19 - No theme yet, so talk us into something cool!
April 20 - Space & Rockets
April 21 - Earth Day and Conservation

(Also, as a disclaimer, we're still very much in the formative stage of festival planning, which means that all of this is subject to change.  Look, I used the small font and everything.)

Another new item about the 2013 festival is that it will be the first festival that falls on April public school vacation week.  This moves the festival over a week up in the calendar year, which brings up our deadlines to know about your event!  Our deadline for proposals is Friday, December 7th.  If you would like festival help in developing your event, connecting you to venues or other players, please contact us as soon as possible!  To cut down on levels of stress and slippage into insanity in the festival office, events that do not have all details down (e.g. date, time, location, event description, image) by January 2nd will not be included in the print program, but will be considered for the official online schedule after that point. 

Help us out, folks, and get your ideas in soon.  Now's the time to have fun with crazy new ideas and form partnerships around larger events.  Let us know particularly if you'd like to be involved in a large Science of Sports event in Boston, a Space & Rocket Day event, or a Science Crawl through Kendall Square!

Want to see last year's print program?  Check it out here.

We've also put together a couple checklists to give you an idea of what a festival event entails!
Download the CSF Event Checklist >>
Download the CSF Carnival Booth Checklist >>

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