Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Science on the Street heads to Worcester stART!

This past Sunday Science on the Street teamed up with the Worcester Think Tank and the Art+Bio Collaborative to bring engaging science activities to the Worcester stART on the Street community event.

The event was filled with vendors displaying their artistic creations. Art+Bio Collaborative and Worcester Think Tank blended the lines of art and science with their interactive displays and activities, while Science on the Street staff and volunteers guided children of all ages through the design of paper rockets and launched them hundreds of feet into the air! See if you can make out the rocket just taking off in the first picture below.

For information on upcoming events where you can find Science on the Street, check out the Events page on the Cambridge Science Festival's website under the Science on the Street heading. Speaking of the Cambridge Science Festival, mark your calendars now for next years event which will take place from April 18th-27th, 2014, and check out the call for entries online form if you have a great idea for this years festival!
Volunteers watch as a local middle school student tests her rocket design by launching it high into the sky using her own power to compress air through a small diameter pipe.
Event attendees check out the Worcester Think Tank and Art+Bio Collaborative.

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