Thursday, March 29, 2012

Busy busy bees... we're 22 days away.

Hi, folks!  Sorry about the hiatus on the CSF countdown.  Things are really getting crazy with prep for the festival!

Check out our Event Index!  Want to get involved?  Volunteer with us by taking photos at events, spreading the word about the 2012 festival, continuing the CSF countdown here!

A few tidbits:
  • Earth Hour is just around the corner
  • One of our lovely Curiosity Challenge-tackling classes has a website of their entries.  Check it out!
  • Everyone has a question about Climate Change.  What's Your #climatequestion? Submit it today.

If you haven't pre-registered for events yet - here is my current list of the CSF events you need to pre-register for:

For students and teachers:
Scratch Workshop for Educators | Pre-register
6th Grade Solar Adventure | Pre-register
Center for Ultracold Atoms Kids Day | Pre-register
Central Squared (C2) Challenge | Pre-register
Taleblazer Location-Based Augmented Reality Game | Pre-register
Vertex Community Lab | Pre-register

For graduate students/early career:
Standing Up for Science Media Workshop
Careers in Science: Speed Networking Event | Pre-register
Career Invigoration: Best Practices for Writing a Resume
Career Invigoration: Interviewing for Your Next Technical Job
6th Annual Vertex Networking and Industry Session
Mentor-Mentee Partnerships: How seasoned and early career researchers work together to ensure the continuity of science | Pre-register

Science of Eating Local | Pre-register
Rivers of Ice: What's Your Question? | Pre-register
Trebuchet Design Challenge | Pre-register
Multiple Sclerosis: Moving Towards a Cure | Pre-register
Draper Prize Lecture 2012 | Pre-register
Akamai Open House | Pre-register
Fishing for Sustainability in New England | Pre-register for Panels | Pre-register for MOS Forum
Syrup, Seeds, and Bees: Exploring Links in Maple Ecology | Pre-register
Growing Science: How out-of-school time programs can help change the face of the STEM workforce | Pre-register
Group Intelligence | Pre-register
Swissnex Boston Science Café feat. The Giant Cell & HMS Prof. David Sinclair  | Pre-register
Boston Mega Awesome Fellowship Event | Pre-register
Biology Flash Mob | Pre-register

For all MIT Museum pre-registration
go to:
This includes pre-registration for:
Workshop: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Slide Rules
Workshop: Math and Origami (but mostly origami)
Workshop: Knots for Novices
Science of Illusion
Science for Sinners
Workshops: Splash @ CSF
Workshops: Do It Yourself Game Design
Workshop: Paper-Based Electronic Art

[edit: 4/16 updated pre-registration links]

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