Thursday, March 14, 2013

29 Days til #cambscifest 2013

Did you know that today is Pi Day?  3/14!

So, what exactly is π? Well, it's not this:
Though it does look darn tasty.
π is a mathematical constant of the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter.

So, happy Pi Day!

With just a few weeks before the 2013 Festival, it's time to start our #eventcountdown.

The event of the day...

A Creative Collective: The Computer Clubhouse as Design Studio
The Computer Clubhouse at the Museum of Science, Boston
Saturday, April 13th 1-4pm
Recommended for ages 10-18

The Computer Clubhouse provides a creative and safe out-of-school learning environment where young people work with adult mentors to explore their ideas, develop new skills, and build confidence in themselves through the use of technology. With high-tech tools at their fingertips, youth can do almost anything they imagine: write and record music, make movies, build robots, produce digital artwork, design websites, and more! Together with Clubhouse Mentors, who serve as role models to help foster a creative atmosphere of mutual respect and trust, youth can spend days, weeks or months on projects that inspire them. Now in its 20th year of changing lives, this Flagship Computer Clubhouse has inspired an international network of Clubhouses with 100 locations in 20 countries worldwide. The Clubhouse is open after school on weekdays and Saturdays, and is free of charge to young people (ages 10-18) from Boston and surrounding areas. We’re excited to invite Cambridge Science Festival attendees to drop by the Clubhouse to join in the fun, and perhaps walk away with a special project they’ve created!

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