Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cambridge Science Festival 2013!

Can you believe we're a month out from the 2013 Cambridge Science Festival?

  Now, take a deep breath here before reading on.  I'm about to drop a lot of information in your laps.  Don't run away and don't get overwhelmed.  (It's worth it, I promise!)

We get a lot of questions at the festival like, "My kids are 5 and 8.  What events are good for them?" or "What should I send our 15 year old daughter to?" or "I'm an adult that never went to science fairs even as a kid. What should I look at?"

So, I've gone through our Event Index, and selected some particularly interesting events for groups: Families+ (which means events appropriate for small children accompanied by their parents up through teens and adults), Teens+ (appropriate for teens and adults), and Adults (um... yea).

Note: our lovely K-12 Coordinator, Peg LeGendre, put together a larger listing of festival events for families, students, and teachers. Available here as pdf.

So here we go:

Families+ (AKA events for everyone)
 Science Carnival and ROBOT ZOO
Artisan’s Asylum and DIY Festival
Visual-Eyes Art: The Visual Ecology Exhibit
NuVu Open Studio & Exhibit
City Smart:How Do You Get Around Town?
Play Day at the MIT Museum
Human DNA Strand
Northeastern University STEM Exploration
Science of Food
National Astronomy Day
Discovering Physics!
Party for the Planet at Franklin Park Zoo
Battlebots Competition

Yuri’s Night with Student Astronomers of Harvard-Radcliffe!
A Creative Collective: The Computer Clubhouse as Design Studio
Wish Upon a Stellated Dodecahedron
Boston-Cambridge Bridge Tours
Science and Poetry
Science of the Brain
MIT Solar Electric Vehicle Team – Racing Solar Cars!
Medical Simulation @ MGH
Science Trivia Challenge
Sudden Death: A Tale of Cell Suicide
Trimpin: The Sound of Invention Film Screening and Q&A
Science and Comics
Walk on the Wild Side
Living in the Future: Pop Culture Meets Today’s Technology
Operation Epsilon

Big Ideas for Busy People
Science and Islam
Broader Impacts: How to Talk About Your Work with the Media
Science of Nutrition and Food
Climate Science: The Conversation
Alternative Careers in Science: A Speed Networking Event
Genetic Genealogy: How Much Can Your DNA Tell You?
You’re the Expert
Story Collider
Science Author Salon: Emily Anthes Author of Frankenstein’s Cat
What High School Science Should Have Been
Carbonic Maceration Wine Bar (and Demo)
Science Crawl
Perfect Model: The Past, Present, and Future of Prediction
Soapbox: The Political Life of Cheese
Gluten,Dairy, and Nuts, Oh My! Why Are Food Allergies on the Rise?
Passion of the Cosmos: Scientists on Evolution, Cosmology, and Religion: Open Forum

Also, shout out to college students (and those who know or work with college students): 48-Hour Design and Build Challenge: Battlebots (note: costs to change)

The sheer number and variety of events may give you an idea of what we're looking at for this year's festival.

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